“You Can Do It Too!”- Mentorship Programme

The “You Can Do It Too” mentorship programme provides recipients with the opportunity to learn from, and be influenced by persons who have attained success in their individual endeavors and are willing to share their time, talent and experience. The intention and goal of this programme is to influence the mentee to make practical and meaningful decisions in all spheres, including personal and work relationships, career choices and academic pursuits, to name a few. The “You Can Do It Too” programme is one that serves the recipient with rich knowledge and experiences from seasoned ambassadors and trailblazers who cultivated a hardworking ethic and disciplined belief-system. The mentorship programme provides recipients the opportunity to learn from those who have successfully pushed past stereotypes, difficult circumstances and challenging environments in becoming distinguished citizens in society.

to mentor and motivate mentees to make better choices in their relationships and career, academics.
To create an environment where young men can have a clearer understanding of the different career paths available to them and guidance towards their dreams. To equip them with the tools to make better life choices by providing them with fundamental life skills training.
Learn strategies to manage their emotions, time and responsibilities
Widening young men’s minds about creating a value system that goes beyond money
Young men come up with a plan on how to achieve their career goals
To improve their literacy
For development of relationship skills with positive relationship engagements
Give the young men tools and skills to attain financial stability and intelligence
To inspire students in understanding and fulfilling their purpose against all odds


You Can Do It too !
Must be at least 18 years’ old
Complete an Application Form
Submit two (2) Character references outside of family and friends
Undergo an Initial Interview
Have a current driver’s license, auto insurance, and clean driving record (not applicable if you do not drive or own a vehicle or will not drive mentees)
Submit a Police Certificate of Good Character not older than six (6) months
Agree to follow the program Policies and Procedures
Complete weekly and quarterly reporting