“E in Me”- Entrepreneur in Me

The “E In Me” is a social crime prevention and economic development intervention aimed at developing the entrepreneurial potential and capacity of participants to undertake entrepreneurial ventures through the use of competency-based, entrepreneurial awareness and capacity building strategies. The E in Me programme will work with parents who seek to increase their earning capacity to develop their skills and start their own businesses, through our entrepreneurship programme, The E in Me. The programme will be run through the PTA and available to all parents. It will support them through developing their own small business model and accessing funding from government grants to achieve sustainable success. It has been seen that individuals in the worst circumstances oftentimes exhibit entrepreneurial traits in the course of trying to survive. Some of these traits include risk taking, desire for autonomy, persistence, creativity and decision-making. Additionally, problem-solving skills along with a general resourcefulness just to survive are seen. With no support networks and guidance, such traits are often channeled into the pursuit of illegal activities and at best short term “hustles” in informal “grey market” areas. The Project therefore identifies individuals in “high needs” communities who exhibit a promise of basic entrepreneurial traits and business ideas and orient them towards entrepreneurship through creating awareness and capacity building to explore entrepreneurship as a viable entrepreneurial option.


To assist parents and guardians to increase their earning capacity through developing small business models


  • To identify and train parents who are potential entrepreneurs
  • Equip persons with the skills and resources necessary to establish a sustainable business Venture


“E in Me”
Must be accessed through the PTA.
Accessible to both fathers and mothers
Must be interested in business ownership