“Daddy Please Don’t Go”- Parenting Education Programme

Parenting is a core component of our initiative. The Parent Education Programme is a family focused, evidence-based intervention, which includes parenting instruction, work and life skills training, along with services to improve their emotional competence and well-being. It will engage parents in workshops designed to empower them with strategies for effective parenting. These sessions will be run through the PTA, designed to help bring parents and teachers onto the same page regarding key issues such as discipline, attitudes towards education and building future goals. We will work specifically to mobilize and engage fathers and key male family figures in the parenting process with our Daddy Please Don’t Go! You Children Need You programme. Specialized sessions for target groups will be offered, such as single parents, teenage parents and parents of children who have been affected by loss and violence. It is expected that the wealth of programming offered will re-engage parents in their school PTA and develop strong relationships between the parent and school.


  • To equip parents with positive parenting skills with special emphasis on fathers and other
    key male family members in the programme


  • Increased positive interaction between parents (especially fathers/ male family members)
    and children
  • Enhanced capacity of fathers to provide for and nurture children
  • Prevention of child maltreatment by parents
  • Encourage active parental participation and involvement in PTA meetings
  • Provide parents with the tools and knowledge they need to be better parents and improve parenting skills
  • It will create synergy with parents and teachers in dealing with issues dealing with children
  • Connect or link parents to different resources available to them concerning health care, social services, etc.

Be a single parent of a mentee, or future father.
Be between the ages of 15 – 40
Reside in any underserved community the foundation is involved in.