Cradle To Carrier Pipeline Initiative

The Cradle to Career Pipeline is an initiative designed to prepare children for a successful future where education is a priority from early childhood until well after secondary school. It involves stakeholders at every level, both formal and informal, working together to address challenges along the educational pipeline, from early childhood to postsecondary. The programme builds a strong support system around the traditional education pipeline, ensuring no child slips through the cracks, guiding them from cradle to career.
The Pipeline identifies schools in high needs communities, in order to fortify existing educational resources with an array of specialized programmes. The initiative will work with various partner organizations, NGOs and government bodies to enrich learning environments in select schools. The pipeline will operate in select geographic areas, working in Early Childhood Learning Centres, Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as provide students with postsecondary support, and scholarships for outstanding students from the community.

Goals/ Objectives
Each child is expected to benefit from The Pipeline in the following ways. They will be:

  • Prepared for school in early childhood education
  • Supported inside & outside school
  • Successful academically
  • Enroll in postsecondary education
  • Graduate and be absorbed into a career


Open to children between the ages of 10- 18 years
Must reside or attend a school in a high-risk area or high needs community